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Rights of usage

Welcome to Creditsms.com! The rights of usage for an online credit comparison platform, like many other online services, are typically outlined in their Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions. Our platform's user agreement governs the terms and conditions that apply when using our lender comparison service creditsms.com. It establishes the rights and obligations of our users, and details about our liability as well. We offer a service that allows you to compare the options of different financial lenders, helping you find the most suitable offer that meets your requirements and capabilities. 

The user agreement includes the following provisions:  

  • Details about our website and credit comparison service. 

  • Terms of use for the site, including a prohibition on the publication of unlawful or infringing materials. 

  • Limitation of our company's liability and our liability to users. 

If you do not agree with any provision of the user agreement, you must refrain from using our site.   

Details about our loan comparison service  

We offer a service that enables users to compare loan options from different lenders, helping them find the most suitable offer that matches their requirements and capabilities. It is important to note that our service does not provide loans and is not a microfinance organization.  

When utilizing our service, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the terms of each microcredit offer and make an informed decision based on the information provided. Remember that all credits involve risks, and it is crucial to assess your repayment capacity before signing any agreements.  

We aren’t responsible for the terms of the loans provided by lenders or for any potential consequences resulting from non-compliance with the agreement terms or payment delays. We strongly recommend carefully reviewing all information and seeking assistance if any aspect is unclear to you.  

Important terms of site usage  

All information provided on our website is strictly for informational purposes and should not be considered an advertisement, offer, or solicitation. We do not offer financial services and are not microlenders.  

The credit application process may differ depending on each lender's specific conditions. We are not accountable for the actions of lenders and cannot guarantee credit approval.  

All information posted on our website is protected by copyright and is the property of our company. Unauthorized copying or use of information from our site is strictly prohibited.  

We prioritize the security and stability of our site, and therefore, we do not tolerate any illegal activities. We urge users to comply with our site's rules to provide its optimal performance and security.  

In the event of a user violating the terms of site usage, the administration of creditsms.com reserves the right to restrict access and take appropriate legal measures.  

Limitation of our company's liability  

While we strive to provide accurate and valuable information, we cannot guarantee its completeness or accuracy. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this information.  

We are not liable for any actions or non-performance related to the use of our site. We cannot guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the site and are not responsible for any delays or downtime that may occur.  

We are not responsible for the content, accuracy or security of any third-party sites that may be linked to from our site. Use of these sites is at your own risk, and we are not accountable for any loss or damage resulting from such use.  

It's important for users to read and understand these terms before using any online service. If you have specific questions about the rights of usage, please contact us.