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Sri Lanka's data protection and privacy laws are continually evolving, and new regulations or guidelines related to cookies and online privacy have been introduced. 

It's important to note that even though there may not be specific national laws in Sri Lanka regarding cookies, businesses operating there may still be subject to international privacy regulations, especially if they have users or customers from other countries. Therefore, it's advisable for businesses in Sri Lanka to stay informed about global privacy trends and regulations and align their practices with best practices for online privacy. 

Cookie is an information file which is sent by the site and stored on the users’ device. Cookie’s content doesn’t allow the user to be identified and accordingly there are no other files available on the users’ device. Cookies may contain the site name, date, time, etc., it gets assigned with a unique number, by which the user is recognized. 

Saved cookies allow to recognize client’s computer, so when the client re-visits the site or its section, there’s a chance to avoid re-entering data. Help identify and understand user preferences, and show specific adverts on different sites, to the specific audience based on previously visited sites. 

The service user can at any time make changes to the settings related to cookies. These settings can be changed, turned on or off/blocked for automatic cookie processing. 

Cookies are stored in your web browser, files are temporarily stored on your device, and the device automatically deletes them after a certain time. 

Cookies are stored in your web browser; files are saved in the user’s device until the moment they are deleted by the user manually. 

Cookie advert files from advert servers, their business and service providers adapt to the user, their preferences and habits. These files help to evaluate the effectiveness of adverts, such as possibly acknowledging how many people click on a specific advert and visit the advertiser’s site. These cookies collect information and send it to third parties. An example of this is Google AdWords, Google Analytics. To receive more information about the usage of cookies, visit the third-party sites. 

Information on how visitors can opt out of Google’s used cookie files, Google advert settings or opt out of third-party service provider used cookie files, opting out of network advertising initiative. 

Cookies on this site can easily be accepted or declined: I agree / disagree with the use of cookies. 

Please note that the cookies we use cannot harm your device. For a better user experience and full functionality of the site, we recommend that you save cookies so that you can take full advantage of the content and personalized features available on the site.