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Advantageous conditions
0% up to 10 000
max 25 000
20 - 70
1 day
0% for 7 days
0% up to 10 000
max 25 000
21 - 70
1 day
Fast and Easy
0% up to 10 000
max 25 000
20 - 70
15 min.
0% for first loan
0% up to 10 000
max 20 000
21 - 70
15 min.
0% for your 1st Loan
0% up to 15 000
max 50 000
20 - 70
10 min.
The first loan for free
0% up to 20 000
max 20 000
22 - 75
15 min.

Information about lenders

Credify.ph - "CREDIFY"

Address: Philippines

Phone number: -

E-mail: info@credify.ph

Max APR: 795.7%

Term: 3 months - 1 year

Age: 20 up to 70

Loan of 5000 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 4936.67 ₱, total amount 14810 ₱, annual interest rate APR 795%.


Address: Units P107003R, P107007R, P107008R, Level 7 Cyberpark Tower1, 60 Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109

Phone number: (02) 8876 84 84

E-mail: dpo@digido.ph

Max APR: 59.9%

Term: 62 days - 6 months

Age: 21 up to 70

Cost example: Loan of 11000 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 6350.67 ₱, total amount 19052 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 59.9%

Soscredit.ph - SOSCREDIT

Address: Philippines

Phone number: -

E-mail: info@soscredit.ph

Max APR: 180%

Term: 62 days - 1 year

Age: 20 up to 70

Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 145%.


Address: Level 10-1 One Global Place 25th Street Cor. 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Phone number: (632) 7902 73 90

E-mail: info@cash-express.ph

Max APR: 72.635%

Term: 62 days - 3 months

Age: 21 up to 70

Cost example: Loan of 1000 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 905.63 ₱, total amount 2716.9 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 72.635%.


Address: Unit 1405, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road Ortigas, Pasig City

Phone number: 0 9624 09 24 54

E-mail: info@finbro.ph

Max APR: 180%

Term: 62 days - 1 year

Age: 20 up to 70

Cost example: Loan of 1000 ₱ for 12 months, monthly payment 95.83 ₱, total amount 1150 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 180%.


Address: Unit 1708 Tektite East Tower, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605

Phone number: 0968 874 7401, 0917 100 1747

E-mail: support@moneycat.ph

Max APR: 145%

Term: 3 months - 6 months

Age: 22 up to 75

Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 145%.

Loans online – financial life jacket 

In the modern world, there are numerous factors that can lead to unexpected financial problems, which is why having a convenient and fast option to obtain additional funds is a necessity. Loans online precisely provide this opportunity. You can rely on prompt financial assistance around the clock without the need to leave your home or workplace. Loans online can even be processed on the go. 

What are the key advantages of loans online? 

Loans online offer many advantages and have a more favorable position compared to traditional bank loans: 

  • Quick approval and funding: Online applications are processed much faster than when applying at a bank. You don't have to wait in queues or go through a lengthy approval process. In some cases, the money can be transferred to your bank account within a few minutes or hours. 
  • Convenience and accessibility: You can apply for a loan at any time of the day or night without leaving your home or office. This is especially useful when you urgently need financial assistance. 
  • Flexible terms: Loans online offer usually come with flexible conditions. You can choose the repayment period and loan amount according to your needs. Additionally, you can compare different offers and select the most advantageous interest rates. 

How to compare loan offers on CreditSMS.com? 

On our website, you can compare different loan offers from various financial institutions to choose the most favorable conditions for your needs. When selecting a suitable offer, consider the following details: 

  • The available loan amount ranges from ₱1000 to ₱25000. 
  • The loan term can be chosen from 62 days to 12 months. 
  • The annual percentage rate (APR) can vary up to 180%. However, if you are a first-time customer of a microfinance institution, you have the opportunity to take out the first loan with 0% interest, which means no additional charges or fees. Return as much as you borrowed! 

The APR indicates the potential costs of the loan during its repayment term. The interest rate offered to borrowers depends not only on the lender's offer but also on the borrower's credit history and creditworthiness. 

Here's the cost example: 

  • Loan amount: ₱2,400 
  • Loan term: 3 months 
  • Monthly payment: ₱870 
  • The total amount repaid: ₱2,610 
  • Overpayment: ₱210 
  • Annual interest rate: 145% 

In this example, you borrow ₱2,400 for a duration of 3 months. The loan carries an annual interest rate of 145%. Each month, you make a payment of ₱870, resulting in a total repayment amount of ₱2,610 at the end of the loan term. Comparing the total amount repaid to the original loan amount, you would overpay by ₱210. 

Loans online: application process 

The loan application process doesn't take much time as you need to follow a few simple steps: 

Step 1: Compare the available offers on the website. To make the right choice, consider the interest rate, loan amount, repayment term, and borrower requirements. 

Step 2: Click on "Apply" and fill out the application form on the selected lender's website. Provide accurate information about yourself and your income. 

Step 3: Wait for the lender's decision and, upon approval, review the contract terms and confirm them. 

After completing these steps, the lender will initiate the process of transferring the funds to your bank account. Make sure to check the lender's website for information on the expected time for receiving the money. 

Loans online available for... 

Loans online are available for a wide range of people in the Philippines. The requirements to obtain a loan are relatively soft, and there are just a few: 

  • Loans online are available to Filipino citizens aged 20 and above but not exceeding 70 years. This requirement is based on legal norms and financial operation control. 
  • Most lending institutions require proof of financial stability to ensure that the borrower can repay the loan on time. 
  • Your credit history can be an important factor when considering a loan application, as it reflects your punctuality in repaying previous loans. In some cases, loans online may be available even with a limited or minimal credit history. 
  • When applying for an online loan, you may be required to provide identification documents and personal information. 

It's important to note that each lending institution may have its own specific requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the borrower requirements on the selected lender's website. 

Responsible use of loans online 

Obtaining this type of financial assistance should be a responsible decision. Before applying for a loan, it's essential to carefully assess your ability to repay it on time. Defaulting on payments or failing to fulfill obligations can have serious consequences for the borrower. 

Here are some possible consequences that may arise: 

  • Most lending institutions charge fees for late payments if the borrower fails to repay the loan on time. These penalties can be significant and increase the overall amount owed. 
  • Lending institutions have the right to revise loan conditions and increase interest rates to compensate for the risk associated with non-payment. 
  • Failing to repay the loan on time can have a negative impact on your credit history. This can make it difficult to obtain future loans, as an unfavorable credit history is considered a negative signal to lending institutions. 
  • If the loan is not repaid on time, lenders have the right to transfer the debt to a collection agency. 
  • Lenders have the right to take legal action to collect the debt. This can lead to lawsuits, legal costs, and the possibility of an official order for debt collection. 

All of these consequences can significantly impact your financial stability and have long-term effects. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to keep track of your payment schedule and, if necessary, promptly contact the lender to discuss possible debt settlement options. This will help you avoid negative consequences and maintain a healthy financial life.